“These cards display universal signs, basic throughout the world in all ages, common to all beings everywhere, and preserved in what psychology terms the collective unconscious.”

Joseph D’Agostino 

60 Minute Reading: $89.00

There is a wealth of knowledge to be discovered concerning human behavior that lies within the symbols of the Greater and Lesser Arcana.  These archetypes represent deep and abiding patterns in our psyche that remain powerful and present over time. Consulting the tarot can act as a bridge between our conscious and unconscious minds, enabling us to uncover the hidden stories, beliefs and blocks that may be keeping us from the lives we strive to create. Tarot can be an ideal tool to use when we are feeling indecisive or somehow stuck.  A reading may highlight areas of our lives that we are neglecting or where we are being untrue to ourselves.  In a tarot reading we are able to view, not a fixed future, but a future of possibilities just waiting for us to rise up and meet them.

Year Ahead Tarot Forecast

Individual Reading: $125.00

Joie Jacobsen

Witnessing      Empathy     Compassion    Healing

30 Minute Reading: $53.00

This 2 Hour reading includes aspects for each of the 12 months, as well as insight into your Creativity, Ambitions, Health, Money, Relationships, and Emotions.  You’ll be alerted to potential opportunities as well as challenges that may lie ahead and the consciousness or mindset you’ll bring to these.  Finally this reading will speak to you about the energies from the present year you’ll be carrying into the next and what new energies will be emerging for you in the year ahead.