Spring Cleaning SPECIAL

Spring is the perfect time to clean your home, office or place of business top to bottom and that includes the energy.   Welcome Spring by giving yourself a little extra boost by adding a 30 minutes energetic clearing of the space. 

Create a home, office or workplace that feels vital, warm, successful and welcoming

Clear, Energize & Transform any space,
making it ideal for YOUR wants and needs.

This process includes:

  •         Identification and clearing all negative energy and patterns
  •         Aligning you and your home, office or workplace for the highest,  healthiest possibilities
  •        Creating permanent energy structures to hold any qualities/energies you desire for the space

Results experienced after space clearing include:

  •         “I experienced a new lightness of being”
  •         “My career took off, it exploded.  Increased customers, sales and productivity”
  •         “Projects I’d been putting off for years became easy and fun to complete”
  •         “Suddenly many potential buyers were attracted to a property that had no movement for 18 months”

Because it’s more than likely someone else has been there before you.
Generally we don’t know who those people were, or what they were like. Why remain open to the risk of exposing yourself and your belongings to any negative energy they’ve left behind?

Because it’s your home, your sanctuary, and your safe haven. 
Your home is a place you return to daily – to recharge, renew and to rest.  Ideally, this space should be nourishing, inspiring, creative and as full of positive energy as possible!

Why Clear Your Space?

The spaces we live, work and play in need clearing because the residue of daily life, our stresses, worries, and so forth accumulate and build up. Take a moment and imagine how any room you’ve ever been in would look if it had never been physically cleaned, not since it was first built.  Imagine the build-up of dust, cobwebs, and grime.  Who would ever want to live or work in such a space? But, energetically speaking, that is exactly how a room appears and feels if it has never had a thorough and complete energetic clearing.  It's important to understand that, in terms of energy, everything that has ever happened in any space ripples out in frequency patterns that are recorded in the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, and objects.  This energy gets imprinted into the very fabric of the structure.  Repetitive actions, behaviors and emotions also become deeply imprinted. 

For our lives to work well, it is VITAL for us to have a
positive flow of clear, vibrant energy in our home & workplace.

Creating Dynamic Equilibrium for your Home, Office or Workplace

Clear Your Space Clear Your Life

Spring Cleaning  ~ 30 minute session $50

Basic Clearing  ~ 90 minute session $150

Because your workplace, office or business needs to THRIVE.
No matter what you do, having an appealing, clear and engaging environment will support creativity, growth, success, innovation, productivity and profitability

Joie Jacobsen

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(Additional $25 charge for every 15 minutes over the original 90 minutes)