Pay from the Heart.  As you can see above I have designated specific pricing for each service.  I've provided the "donate" button below because 1.  We're in extraordinary times and 2. I want you to feel great about working with me.  I want you to feel great about what you receive and what you give to me to sustain me in what I'm able to give you. 

We're in extraordinary times.  If you're in a financial situation where spending the amount I've designated as the cost of a session isn't sustainable for you I invite you to choose an amount that is . 

Session Guidelines & Policies




Book three 45 minutes power sessions to work on a specific issue.  Work from a perspective of what opportunities may be present in a perceived problem, or a new possibility that needs your coherent intention and support to manifest it.

Package of Three 45 Minute sessions:  $132.00
(Savings of $27.00)

Package of Three Full sessions: $323.00 (savings of $52.00)

Single 60/90 minutes Session: $125.00

Each session is undertaken in partnership and approached with a sense of curiosity, wonder and joy.  We welcome, unconditionally, all information that comes to light and hold the intention that every aspect of the session is in our highest and best good.  We intend that all shifts occurring in the session be in alignment with your own journey toward authenticity and balance.

Sessions are interactive and tailored so that your system’s individual needs are met.  We are able to do this by utilizing whichever Modality seems most applicable for your needs in the moment.  We work with your body, mind and energy system to identify and transform non-coherent beliefs, negative emotions, physical challenges and the energetic patterns that are holding them in place.  As we release our old conditioning, we experience greater joy, find our hidden promise and power, and flow with ease and harmony on our life’s journey.

Sessions are available in  person, by phone or via Skype for:
• Private individuals
• Groups
• Corporate or professional clients
• Families
• Animals


My clients possess a deep and sincere curiosity about themselves and their process.  They truly desire change; they get excited about change and the possibilities it brings.  My clients believe that understanding comes through patient, steady work, yet they also enjoy those occasional brilliant moments of illuminating inspiration.  They recognize and appreciate that I create a safe and loving space for them to work in.  My clients are full of humor, intelligence, warmth, and grace and it’s my privilege to witness their gains, shifts and transformation.  My clients are my joy; they energize and bless me everyday.

Who Are My Clients?

When we're feeling held, contained, witnessed, and someone can give us an accurate reflection back, we are capable of extraordinary things.

Mark Silver,

Heart of Business



Pay from the Heart


Joie Jacobsen Wellness

Never experienced a private session before and you’re curious to sample one?
Book one 45-minute power session and see how potent even a short session can be.

45-Minute Power Session: $53.00

Repatterning to Release Karmic Vows & Roles: $152.00

This in depth and powerful session lasts two hours