Your Story: Allegory Healing Meditation
An allegory is a representation in a narrative, dramatic or pictorial form of abstract ideas or principles.  

In this work I am privileged to connect with you in meditation, holding a space and asking your higher Self to show me what is needed, to share with me YOUR story. Your system shows me pictures and engages my senses, sending me a taste, a smell or sounds, and we begin our journey toward understanding, balance and grace. 

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I am watchful in this process and will suggest different ways your story may want to unfold, but ultimately it is your system and your higher Self who directs these sessions.  I am present merely as witness, anchor and scribe.  I may see different parts of your system or body illuminated.  I may see a person or an animal engaged in a particular activity.  Whatever the story your system is telling, I will hold the Space for this to unfold and do the work your higher Self is directing.  Releases, shifts and breakthroughs can occur on the physical, emotional and mental levels.  The symbols, pictures and scenarios that appear in my mind's eye are often baffling to me, but make perfect sense to clients when we share our experiences at the end of our session.  The stories I am shown humble and delight me.  They allow me a glimpse into the fathomless depths of our potential.  They inspire me and bring me a profound sense of the connection to the Divine that exists in all of us.  

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing is an ancient and multifaceted system of healing that accesses Divine energy as well as Divine Consciousness. VortexHealing® is effective at addressing the roots causes of conditions that keep us stuck in our issues. Using this combination of Divine energy and Divine consciousness works to

It’s all energy. From the point of view of Resonance Repatterning, your frequencies are either in sync with each other, which gives you health, vitality and a positive attitude to life; or they are out of sync with each other, which depletes your magnetic field and leads to stress responses, anger, fear, poor health, and a whole array of negative mental states and life problems.
What is wonderful about Resonance Repatterning is that it offers you a simple yet profound system for transforming your out-of-sync frequencies that are mirrored in every problem you have and every challenge you face. Resonance Repatterning identifies where your frequencies are out of sync and how to bring them back into sync with each other, so you have the energy you need for creating the life you want, and for living your purpose to the full. (Chloe Faith Wordsworth, creator of Resonance Repatterning)

In Resonance Repatterning® we use the tool of applied kinesiology, or muscle checking, to access our system’s innate wisdom and to uncover the frequency patterns we resonate with. Muscle checking tests the “emotional reality” of the body. There may never have been a better diagnostic indicator for our subconscious reality than muscle checking.  Muscle checking can help us pinpoint the sources of our problems: the hidden beliefs and messages that our bodies, minds and systems hold.  We are then able to determine what is needed to shift these patterns and create greater coherence in our entire energetic system. 

When we repattern our old limiting beliefs, our unconscious patterns and our negative feelings, we create greater health, happiness and harmony for ourselves. Because we are all energy beings living in the unified field, when we change ourselves, we change the world around us for the better.

Joie Jacobsen

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Services include:Resonance Repatterning®VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing,
Your Story: Allegory Healing Meditation,Tarot,Karmic Releaseand Space Clearing.

release our experience of separateness (from the universal Source of creation) which manifests as our physical and emotional pain. There are 49 different forms of Vortex Light, each with a different purpose or function. Each form of Vortex Light goes exactly where it needs to go to create optimal healing in the person receiving the session. The tools used in VortexHealing® are expressions of Divine light and consciousness. There are tools that energize, release, harmonize, nourish, and ground. There are energetic structures that can be used for a variety of purposes including improving the sound of an instrument or singer’s voice.  These tools can be used together generating a much larger combined effect than the use of one tool by itself.

Resonance Repatterning®

So what is Resonance Repatterning®? If we look at new physics, it is now common knowledge that everything is energy or vibrating frequencies – every thought and feeling you have, every word you speak and every organ and tissue of your body.