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Energy Exchange Subscription

3 weekly payments of $15.00

This series offers participants an opportunity commit and to dive into a whole new year bravely, enthusiastically, and creatively.  I believe with all my heart that we are all magical beings here to bring forth our own particular brand of magic into the world.  This year my desire is for all who participate to connect to their own magic and make the most of it!

This series includes 3 unique energy healing sessions on Day 1, Day 10 & Day 22.  These sessions will utilize and engage your energies as well as those of the group field to clear away fears, unearth and release old negative patterns and move each individual into alignment with their magical, authentic and wildly amazing Self. 

When you join this 22 day series you'll also receive inspirational daily emails.  These emails will contain messages, activities and suggestions to enable you to spend a little time each day cultivating yourself and your dreams for the new year. 

Additionally the daily emails will assist everyone in cultivating the "Happiness Advantage".  When we raise our positivity in the present moment we experience what's known as the "Happiness Advantage" where our brains at "Positive" perform significantly better than they do at negative, neutral or stressed.  At "Positive" our intelligence, creativity and energy levels rise.  At "Positive" our brains are 31% more productive. Let us all meet 2017 with the most positive mindset possible!

Energy Exchange: Series only: $44.00

Beginning Saturday January 13th 2018

Joie Jacobsen

Witnessing      Empathy     Compassion    Healing

The group repatternings on Day 1 Day 10 & Day 22 will be by proxy*. Once the session is complete you will receive a report via email detailing every aspect of the session.  On Days 2 thru 10 and 12 thru 21 you'll receive an email with an exercise, action or activity you can do to anchor your new habit firmly into your body mind system.

*PROXY SESSION:  A session done with your permission and at a distance.  Your participation happens automatically once your permission is given.  You receive all the benefits energetically at the time of the session and a report of what was identified, released and resolved within 24 hours.