Energy Exchange single Mercury Retrograde Session: $44

According to Karyl Jackson: “The purpose of Mercury retrograde is to review and revise our life and our connection with reality. The timing of this universe is geared toward the Sun as it moves through the zodiac. Mercury has an orbit that at times gets ahead of the Sun allowing us to look into the future toward new and innovative ideas. However, we cannot continue in that vein until we come back to the present designated by the Sun and put our new ideas into manifestation. During the time that Mercury jumps ahead, we ultimately have to bring the ideas back into the present to test and evaluate to see how they fit into our life. As Mercury retrogrades back into the present, the connection with the Sun happens as we test drive our ideas and re-align with reality and the natural timing of the universe.”

Each session will include a planetary puja used for modifying our astrological influences, clearing non-coherent Mercury aspects, alignment with coherent aspects of Mercury and your own issues concerning Mercury Retrograde.  

*PROXY SESSION:  A session done with your permission and at a distance.  Your participation happens automatically once your permission is given.  You receive all the benefits energetically at the time of the session and a report of what was identified, released and resolved within 24 hours.

Bring your body mind system into Coherent Alignment

with beneficial aspects of Mercury Retrograde Cycles

Mercury Retrograde Sessions *

Monday October 29th 2018 - PUJA
Saturday November 17th 2018 - Full Session

note: PUJA is done at the beginning of the Shadow phase , Full Session is done at the beginning of the actual retrograde. 

While we can’t stop the cycles of our planet and those in our solar system, we do have the ability to bring our own systems into the best possible alignment with those cycles.  Mercury in Retrograde may still cause hiccups in transportation, communication and technology but when our own interior astrological influences are in resonance with these cycles we can more easily navigate those hiccups and use their positive aspects for our highest and best good.    

Using Resonance Repatterning and Vortex Healing, Divine Energy Healing we’ll shift our individual frequency patterns to coherently align with the best possible aspects of the 2017 Mercury Retrograde cycles.  A Puja will be done at the beginning of the Pre-Shadow phase of the retrograde to ensure maximum coverage and benefit. 

Joie Jacobsen

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