Health Repatterning

Distance Healing Session

Wednesday March 18th

Energy Exchange: $33.00

In this session it is my desire to address deeply held beliefs and fears that are the result of genetic and karmic memories that are currently rising to the surface in relation to past global catastrophes and pandemics.   

It is my hope that the release of these beliefs and fears will reduce the extra stress that seems to be engulfing us all. This session is not attempting to prevent illness but to assist participants in finding harmony in their body mind system. 

Everything that happens in our consciousness and emotions shows up in our bodies.  This session is intended to assist you in clearing as much historic fear from your system as possible. 

Distance Healing/Proxy Session: A session done with your permission and at a distance.  Your participation happens automatically once your permission is given by signing up for the session.  You energetically receive all the shifts, benefits and movements at the time of the session and a report of what was identified, released and resolved within 24 hours.