Each member of your organization is a precious asset.  An individual’s knowledge, skills, abilities and foremost their authenticity drive the success of any business.  Supporting and maintaining the optimal wellbeing of the members of your team is essential to maintaining the health of your business. 

We all need to feel valued, seen and appreciated.  Our ability to be productive, innovative and successful is dependent upon whether we meet challenges with resilience rather than resignation, reactivity and upset.  Responding reactively is often the result of patterns, blind spots and old outmoded ways of being.  These patterns can be easily shifted allowing our authenticity, vitality and resilience to emerge. 

My work empowers people to dig deeply, to feel safe enough to get curious about what’s blocking them and excited about creating the sort of shifts that establish lasting, positive change in every aspect of their lives. 

When we support and empower people to step into new, more deeply authentic versions of themselves we set them up for success on every level.  We make them connectors, innovators and change makers.  They become catalysts within their workplace for a more positive, productive culture, and increase the joy and positivity in every aspect of their lives.

For further information and pricing please contact Joie at 718-757-9715 or Joie@joiejacobsen.com

Corporate Menu

The personal is EVERYTHING.  Who we are, what happened to us today and ten years ago all coalesce to create us. 

Wednesday Wellness

Weekly informational email/message containing wellness tips and exercises which can facilitate immediate shifts for greater coherence mentally, emotionally and physically. 

Joie Jacobsen Wellness

Workplace Wellbeing

Joie Jacobsen Wellness offers tailor made programs to address issues of overwhelm, burnout and stress for every level of employee.  Simple techniques that encourage a change in narrative and focus that allows us to view problems as opportunities and create and implement intentions for new possibilities.

Programs include:

  • group work for clearing and self-discovery
  • Individual or Group 20 minute Energy Tune Up
  • Guided Meditation
  • Individual Energy Enhancement sessions

Lunch & Learn

Shifting From Challenged to Coherence Lunch and Learn is geared toward keeping employees resilient, motivated and positive at work and in life. This entertaining and interactive presentation typically takes 45 minutes and is followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

Employees can bring their own lunch and eat during the program; however, providing lunch can be an incentive to increase employee participation.

Who we are is who shows up to work.