Joie Jacobsen

Witnessing      Empathy     Compassion    Healing

As an actor I was taught to be a powerful receptor as well as a compelling communicator.  I was taught to listen with every fiber of my being, to work in partnership, ready to receive and utilize the inevitable jewels the present moment always supplies.

My partnerships now are with my clients and all the lessons I learned about receiving, communicating and listening still apply.  Assisting clients to explore their stories, motivations and emotions lights me up.  Holding a space for my clients where they feel safe to explore, to let go of limiting thoughts, emotions and beliefs and move towards the realization of their dreams and desires brings meaning to my life and fills me with confidence and joy.  It’s a delight for me to be in partnership with my clients, to witness their courage, beauty and grace, to see them gain personal clarity and freedom while they reconnect to their authentic selves, and reclaim their full potential.

I am a certified practitioner of Resonance Repatterning® and have training in VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing and SOURCE Integrative Heart Awareness.  I have been exploring and developing my own healing modality - YOUR Story: Allegory Healing Meditation for the past 15 years.  My investigation of the metaphysical world began in 1981 when I received my first deck of Tarot cards.  This is a journey I joyfully continue each day.  I work from a holistic perspective holding a safe space that allows my clients to experience profound yet gentle transformations in their mind, body, emotions and energetic systems. 

Member of the Repatterning Practitioners Association and former member of  RPA Board of Directors. 

Stories are the way we learn about each other, ourselves and the world around us, so let me take this space to share with you a bit of my own story...

At eighteen I was sure, as my life unfolded, I would be a professional actor.  Exploring emotions, motivation and the individual stories of characters lit me up.  I knew no greater joy than to climb inside and figure out what had occurred and what needed to occur to get my character from where I found them to where they needed to be at the story's end.