Hi. I'm Joie Jacobsen. I’m an intuitive, transformational healer.

but you might also call me

  • an authenticity whisperer
  • an extractor of sticky past life patterns
  • a champion of willing hearts and fertile minds
  • a change helper for change makers.

About Me

I help people identify and clear what’s holding them back from fully, freely, joyfully living and expressing their authenticity.

As we release your blocks, hidden karmic patterns and old conditioning, you experience greater joy and freedom. You find your hidden promise, power, courage and authenticity.

I believe that everyone can, and deserves to, live an authentic, empowered life.

Curious? Nodding? A little breathless?

Contact me for an assessment, a healing session, a reading or a 20 minute tune up. Let's get started. Let's dance with the sticky stuff and see what gifts emerge when we're willing to tango with the tough stuff.

I know from my own wellness journey, that the tiniest of steps, the smallest drop of courage creates positive, discernible change in our lives.

I see you. I know how brave and amazing you are. You know how I know? You’re here reading this. You made it this far. You’re alive and kicking. But none of us needs to do it alone. If you want some help, to be seen and supported I’m here and I’m excited to meet you.

Joie Jacobsen Wellness