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You are in the  RIGHT PLACE  if you are desirous of CHANGE
and you’re willing tolet go what no longer serves you.

What is "Healing"?
Healing is a return to our original state of love. That state is one of wholeness and solidity that can't be shaken. It's your core. It's who you really are.”

Mark Silver - Heart of Business

The Power of small steps

What Can You Accomplish in 30 minutes?

Give yourself 30 minutes once a week to clear away problems and identify truly empowering intentions.   Book three 30 minute power sessions and truly Dig Deep toward a dream. 

Embracing Proactive Change

A special Group Healing for November 2019 using the added energies of an 11 11 day to support your intentions, desires & dreams.

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What Brings Meaning to your life and fills you with confidence and Joy?